Glass Care

Cast gaffer glass is 45% lead crystal, the material is heavier than other cast glass and can be easily scratched

Polished areas can be easily scratched

Handle carefully when moving glass items

Recommended to remove rings/jewelery when handling or moving glass

Glass can crack from temperature fluctuation, display glass where there will not be extreme variations in temperature

Glass Care Pic 1

Cast Glass Magnets

Magnets are neodymium, the most widely used type of rare-earth magnet and considered a super high powered magnet material

Please keep away from children, magnets can be fatal if swallowed

Grip firmly when handling and attaching

Do not let magnets collide

Magnet material is brittle and can break, the glass can crack and break

Strong neodymium magnets can damage memory devices and electronic items, including credit cards, hard drives, pace makers, memory sticks, keep at sensible distance

Glass Care Pic 2