Item Care

Handmade ceramics should last a lifetime, so treat them well!

All glazes are chosen to be food safe

For best care hand wash with warm water and a bit of washing up liquid, however, placing cups or mugs in the dishwasher on a quick cycle will not be a problem

Matte white glazes can be scratched easily, so it's recommended to hand wash with a sponge or cloth. Also, marks may appear if using cutlery on the matte white glaze

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Unglazed areas on white earthenware clay, or the matte white glaze like the Wanaka collection can sometimes be susceptible to light stains

Any stubborn stains can sometimes be removed using baking soda and water or you could try a ceramic cleaner

All ceramics have been designed for everyday use, however sometimes hairline cracks or a crackle effect sometimes appear in glazes, this is completely normal and will not affect the lifetime of the item. This happens when the ceramics have been in an environment where the temperature fluctuates

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